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Buying a New Car


Buying a new car

The automobile delivery process at a dealership can be slow. Delays also can arise when a buyer loses, forgets or needed documents. Bringing what is listed to the dealership will save you aggravation and hours of waiting.

Each deal is different, preparation, foresight and communication will improve every experience.

There is a great way to avoid the waiting around at a dealership for delivery, and we wish more people took advantage of it.

The Checklist

• Driver License: You have to test drive the car, and the dealer needs to know that you are a legally registered driver. The drivers license also serves as identification for your check or other form of payment.

• Needed Paperwork : POI: Proof of income paycheck stubs and bank statements. POR: Proof or residence where you live. Some type of utility bill or lease agreement will usually work. References: Usually three to five people you know address, contact info and full name.

• Current vehicle registration for trade-in: When you are trading in a vehicle, you will need a copy of your current registration.

• Proof of insurance: Your insurance company will fax or e-mail an insurance card to the dealership. In some cases, however, all the dealer requires is for you to show that you have a current auto insurance policy. To protect yourself, it’s best to plan ahead and set up the insurance for the new car.

• Account number for trade-in loan or Title if you own it: If you are trading in a car for which there is an unpaid loan, you will need to bring the loan’s account number, which is on one of your payment stubs. Go a step more and ask for a 10day pay off. If you own the vehicle with zero lien holder you will bring the title.

• Remove your personal belongings: A car that’s neat and clean might not necessarily get you a higher trade in value but it will save you time at the dealership if you empty it out at home.


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