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Toyota´s New Dream Vehicle for Adventure Seekers


Toyota´s New Dream Vehicle for Adventure Seekers

by Aleesha Lauray


Image Credit-Toyota USA

When´s the last time you had a solid outdoor adventure? Toyota just released its new Future Toyota Adventure Concept (FT-AC) with a claim to take your outdoor adventure to the next level.

Adventure seekers have a unique perspective on life and their journey is full of excitement, risks, highs and lows.

Toyota wants the FT-AC to be a part of this journey.

Not only can this vehicle take you to the top of a steep and rugged mountain trail, its sleek and stylish design makes it equally suitable for a nice night out on the town.

Did you check out the bold front grille lined with LED headlights? Talk about a vehicle that exudes confidence.

Connectivity is a MUST

In a world where technology has brought us even closer, if you´re not snapping your next big catch or Instagramming as you scale the side of a mountain, you´re missing out on life. . . just kidding, but for those who love to keep their friends and family up-to-date, the FT-AC encourages interconnectivity.

Removable infrared cameras on each side-view mirror, connect with the built-in WiFi hotspot and allow you to document and share your FT-AC journey instantaneously.

Instead of just recounting your adventure, now you can share it real time too.

Loads of activities at your fingertips

The FT-AC can accommodate for a broad array of activities.

Kayaking, biking, hiking, atv-ing, pick your poison… or shall we say pleasure, and bring along one or both of the FT-AC´s detachable infrared cameras.

To add more punch to the package, the cameras are not the only detachable gear, the fog lights can also be removed and utilized for optimum night-time visibility.

A stow away bike rack and spacious roof rack lined with rear facing LED lights are two additional adventurer must-haves featured on this vehicle.

Storage is one of the FT-AC´s strong suits.       Image Credit-Toyota USA


The Future is Bright

Though the FT-AC is just a concept vehicle at this time, if released to market, the possibilities for adventure seekers will reach new heights.

A hybrid version is also in the talks, adding a new dimension to the meaning of adventure. It´s not often that you see a 4X4 dualed with cost-effective economics.

Imagine being able to travel to a remote location for a fraction of the cost. That means more money for your next adventure.

This will truly be a vehicle to take along for the ride.

We´re excited for possibilities, what about you?


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