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4 Signs That You Need To Get Your Brakes Checked

Not all the time will your dash light up with a check brake symbol, that’s why it’s good to have them checked from time to time. Not getting them checked will leave you in a costly and unsafe position

Brake Service

What’s that sound?

Hearing weird/loud sounds? That could be your brake pad, it could be worn down so much that the metal backing plate could be rubbing on your rotor. This can damage your brake caliper and your rotor. Some brake pads have a small metal clip on it make to purposely rub on your rotor make a loud and painful metal to metal sound to indicate that the pad is needing replacement.

The car driving or you?

One day your driving down the road and everything is fine. The next the car feels like it wants to go left or right when you brake. This can easily be caused by your brake caliper, the piston inside that pushes your brake pads would be stuck. The reason for that is a few things such as rust, dirt, lack of lubrication and or damage to the brake caliper piston or sliding pins.


Brake pedal vibrating?

Ever need to hit the brakes hard in an emergency? The pedal will sometimes vibrate due to your ABS system trying to work hard to stop your car. Ever feel it during normal braking? Well that’s a problem. This vibration in your pedal could very well be your rotor. A rotor can be damaged by being warped causing the uneven surfaces to hit your brake pads thus come back up to you brake pedal causing the vibrations.

Pedals feeling soft or hard?

A mushy pedal, one that goes practically to the floor before engaging the brakes, could indicate worn pads or a problem with the hydraulic system, such as air in the line, an air leak or a brake fluid leak. The opposite of a mushy pedal is one that causes the brakes to grab immediately at the slightest touch. This could indicate an unevenly worn rotor, dirty brake fluid or contamination of the fluid by moisture. You can solve such a problem with a relatively inexpensive change of fluid that you could do yourself or have done at your mechanic’s shop. Stopping the car seems impossible, you might have a brake line obstruction or a problem with the vacuum system. Both situations would make the brake pedal extremely hard to operate and require immediate servicing.


Getting your brakes checked from time to time is a safe bet for you and anyone in your car. Its cheaper to get them check and find out what’s wrong before its to late and you end up with a pricey repair bill or accident.

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