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Maintaining Your Vehicle in Extreme Summer Climates



Have you planned a road trip this summer from Phoenix to Las Vegas, or Las Vegas to Yuma? Have you considered what precautions you should take to make sure your road trip doesn’t become disastrous quickly? Vehicles require proper preventative maintenance and care. When vehicles are properly maintained the performance and reliability is improved.

Could you imagine being on the open highway in the middle of the desert with your family and getting a blowout? Hot temperatures can cause your tire to blow out within moments of being on the highway. With years of driving experience you learn the value of maintaining a vehicle properly. Each vehicle comes with an owner’s manual and within the manual you will find the “scheduled maintenance” guidelines. These guides do not take the extreme climates into consideration.

Some things you can do to maintain your vehicle in the extreme summer climate to prevent your road trip from becoming disastrous in a matter of minutes.


It is recommended that every time you fill up the gas tank, check for proper tire pressure and wear. Before a road trip you should beware of any cracks or problems with the tires tread so you do not have a blow out.


It is recommended for vehicles running regular motor oil every 3,000 miles or three months. It is recommended for vehicle running synthetic motor oil every 6,000 miles. Before a road trip the vehicles oil level should be checked to make sure the proper amount of oil is present. If not be sure to add oil to the fill line.


It is recommended to inspect and/or change the air filter every other oil change. If the air filter is dirty it is wise to shake out the dust and dirt and/or replace the air filter if need be.


It is recommended that if the A/C is not functioning properly that the vehicle be taken in for service.


It is recommended to inspect belts and hoses at every oil change and before a road trip for wear. It is a good idea to keep a belt as a precaution. It is cheaper and less time consuming to carry an extra belt in your vehicle then to wait on the side of the road for assistance from a tow truck.


It is recommended that wiper blades be replaced if there is a monsoon or heavy rain storm in the forecast. Investing in a cheaper brand windshield wiper in the summer is wise since they will need to be replaced more often due to drying out and cracking from the high temperatures.


it is recommended that the radiator and hoses are inspected for leaks before a long trip. The engine temperature should be monitored at all times the vehicle is running. A gallon of water or antifreeze should be kept within the vehicle for road trips. Always pay close attention to the temperature gauge and odors that come from a vehicle during an overheat. If you notice the vehicles temperature begin to climb you should pull over immediately to let the engine cool down and find where the problem is coming from before more damage occurs to your vehicles engine.


It is recommended to have roadside assistance just in case of an emergency while you are on road trip.

A little preventative maintenance goes a long way, if you care for your vehicle properly it will take care of you. The extreme desert temperatures are a bit much to handle, but with this advice your vehicle can survive it. Safe travels on summer road trips throughout the upcoming months of extremely high temperatures.

Article by: Desiree Marino


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