Home Automotive News 2019 ES 350 Lexus Fresh Off Production Line In Georgetown

2019 ES 350 Lexus Fresh Off Production Line In Georgetown


The next generation 2019 Lexus ES 350 is moving off the production line in Georgetown, Ky. Drivers will soon have a chance to hit the streets in this game-changing vehicle.


Lexus/Toyota has always been commitment to craftsmanship the new ES 350 raised the bar for comfort and luxury. The new ES 350 is built around quality and innovation.

Toyota/Lexus invested 360$ million to build a new production facility in Kentucky back in 2015. They employ over 800 Lexus trained local employees. Side note the same facility builds the amazing F Sport model.

After a year of the Lexus facility opening they received the platinum award from J.D. Power & Associates. What that meant was the new Lexus plant was firing on all cylinders and was the highest performing assembly plant in the world. Since 2016 they have been ranked highest in the world since.  

The 2019 Lexus ES is the 9th generation version with performance and safety being class leading. 

Photo Credit Lexus USA


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