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Motorcycling Can Have Decreased Stress-Measures, According To UCLA.


Motorcycling Can Have Decreased Stress-Measures, According To UCLA.

We have heard a lot of Motorcyclists say riding is a stress relief and can help with mental health. Apparently UCLA has proof of this now with the results of a neurobiological study conducted by a team of researchers from the UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior yielded pioneering scientific evidence revealing the potential mental and physical benefits of riding. Funded by Harley-Davidson, the study found that motorcycling increased metrics of focus and attention, and decreased relative levels of cortisol, a hormonal marker of stress. Researchers recorded participants’ brain activity and hormone levels before, during, and after motorcycling, driving a car, and resting. While riding a motorcycle, participants experienced increased sensory focus and resilience to distraction. Riding also produced an increase in adrenaline levels and heart rate, as well as a decrease in cortisol metrics – results often associated with light exercise and stress-reduction. From research stress levels continue to rise and maybe riding a motorcycle may be good stress relief and time to disconnect from daily life. In Las Vegas Harley Davidson dealers offer a riding course and getting a motorcycle endorsement will take a riding test than written test with DMV. While scientists have long-studied the relationship of brain and hormone responses to attention and stress, doing so in real-life conditions such as these is rare,” explained UCLA Professor and senior team member, Dr. Mark Cohen. “No lab experiment can duplicate the feelings that a motorcyclist would have on the open road.” We can add that a lot of our staff rides and we have made amazing life long friends that we have met due to our motorcycles. You will meet a lot of people from every walk of life and it becomes fun to plan a weekend trip or even a day ride with your spouse. With a google search you can find a place to rent a motorcycle from and try it on for size. You will notice a lot of hi net worth people are going to motorcycle events and it’s great for networking business wise. 


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